Jordan Bening put his mother’s murder behind him when he left Charlotte North Carolina—and the innocent man in prison for the crime. Almost a decade later, Jordan has college completed, a solid career with the FBI, and a girl he plans to settle down with as if the past never happened. As if the real killer isn’t still lurking. When a postcard bearing the smiling face of his childhood friend finds him, a special message attached, he knows it’s time to deal with his unfinished business.

McKenna Moore doesn’t think about the day in April when her best friend’s mother was murdered. She doesn’t dwell on Jordan Bening’s disappearance or how her testimony might have changed the trial, in which, her uncle was charged with the murder. Instead, she’s focused on her career with the FBI and vindicating each victim that crosses her desk.

When McKenna runs into Jordan in Las Vegas, on a forced mini-vacation, she puts her questions and guilt to the side long enough to enjoy his presence—a little too much. One too many drinks and a chapel wedding later, she finds herself married to a man she hasn’t seen in ten years. What’s worse, he’s not the boy she remembers, but an attractive man she can’t stop thinking about. He’s also her new co-worker.

With McKenna’s car stolen, mysterious bouquets of flowers arriving, a grave robbed and a murder-suicide to investigate, Jordan suspects nothing about their current position is random. Right down to their hasty nuptials, he knows the details are linked. He just has to prove to McKenna that he’s not that same kid who left home. And he’s not going down without a fight. Linked Excerpt

DISCONNECT (THE BENING FILES #2)There is always a choice..png

A conscienceless serial bomber has a game to play. The rules are simple. There are none.

Somebody knows Detective Amanda Nettles more than she cares to acknowledge. With one phone call, a faceless and genderless madman proves he knows every dark secret Amanda has—even those she’s never uttered to a soul.

Two explosions have rocked downtown Charlotte and shaken its citizens. All the clues lead back to Amanda. With the FBI—namely Baker Jackson Robinson watching her every move, Amanda must figure out the why behind the madness, because this guy is coming after them. One-by-one. And he wants her to witness every detail.

Robinson’s life has never been simple. Prior to his sister’s comatose state, he preferred the chaos and the danger if it meant saving a life. Raising a pre-teen dependent on him, alone, means he needs to skirt around danger, a.k.a.—Amanda Nettles. The attractive and unavailable detective is trapped in play only their perpetrator understands. And he’s using those closest to Amanda as bait.

With each new event, Amanda must make a choice. Follow her heart, protect her friends and lose the life she’s built for herself or sit on the sidelines and watch someone else destroy it. The last thing she intends to do is involve the one man who understands her, in a way no one has before. Because Robinson isn’t the type to walk away from a fight that matters. And she won’t stop looking for answers just because they aren’t readily available.

If only her feelings for the handsome Agent would disappear…
And his need for the Detective’s sassy comebacks wasn’t so strong…
The clock wouldn’t be ticking. With innocent lives in the balance. Disconnect Excerpt



Lives taken. Families destroyed. Trust betrayed. Rebuilding is paramount to survival. Can all family hurdles be overcome? Does forgiveness come to all? Redemption awaits…

Teenage girls are going missing in broad daylight. No witnesses. No struggle. Having been tipped off from the last person anyone should trust, Baker Jackson Robinson knows involving Detective Amanda Nettles is risky. For her, their colleague, SBI Agent Parker Williams and himself. Convincing her to put her life and career on the line isn’t a decision he’s made lightly.

With a new string of crime on the horizon, Detective Amanda Nettles keeps herself plenty busy. Doesn’t think about an unfinished wedding to her favorite FBI agent. The almost family that wasn’t. Nor the thorough Internal Affairs investigation that left her—and her coworkers questioning everything inside the precinct, fingers pointed in her direction. Instead, toeing the line is more important than ever. And hoping her talent and work ethic might restore her once-good name.

But she’s not stupid enough to believe it will return anything—or anyone else.

When Parker Williams is brutally attacked and left for dead, the journal of a young girl the only thing linking his whereabouts to their current case, however minimal, the choice is simple. This teen is either the missing puzzle piece they need or another wild goose chase sending them down a narrow rabbit hole.
Either way, life is life. And Amanda’s done hiding. With the pages of the missing teen’s diary eerily like another woman’s, they’ll have to decide if coming face-to-face with unspeakable evil will yield answers or crumble an already shaky foundation.


A sudden surge in crime has left two homeless women dead. And Detective Amanda Nettles’ Alzheimer’s-riddled mother as the prime suspect. Between raising a teenager determined to thwart every protective effort made, and a city hell-bent on shunning her new family based on preconceived ideas about the past, and fear about what the future might hold, she’ll have to decide if her obsession with protecting Charlotte is bigger than the needs of her family. Or if they are one and the same.

And if breaking the rules means the end. Of everything, as she knows it.

Baker Jackson Robinson knows all about protecting the seemingly innocent. Except this time he’s able to see the big picture a little clearer and the facts aren’t adding up. With his wife playing a dangerous game of hide-and-seek with a remorseless serial killer, he doesn’t intend to let her fight alone.

 No matter what anyone else says.






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