One bullet and a three-story drop. An upstanding cop sentenced to life in prison. Case closed.

For FBI Agent Jordan Bening, danger lurks at every turn. Always has. In the years since his mother’s murder, his life has been about vindication, defense—and finding evidence to overturn one resounding courtroom gavel. Not only because the guilty verdict put his best friend’s favorite uncle in prison, but because he knows the real murderer is still out there. Watching. Waiting.

And the killer is sending a message: Silence has a price.

FBI Agent McKenna Moore doesn’t believe her uncle—a solid, dependable, well-liked, and hardworking former detective with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department—could have committed murder. It’s a truth she’s never uttered to anyone, especially Jordan. Not even after their impromptu reunion and subsequent drunken nuptials.

When the murder of the wife of Charlotte’s most influential family brings Jordan and McKenna together for the first time since the wedding, the pair is plunged into an investigation that takes an unexpected turn from bad to worse with evidence that shouldn’t exist. Evidence that should be safely locked away and labeled in another case. Another crime.

Evidence that leads right to both of them. To a moment in time when they made their choices and vowed to keep the silence. He left. She stayed.

They were never supposed to reunite.



The anonymous call is brief, its message ominous. “I know everything about you. Who you love. Who you hate. Your secrets. Your fears. I know things you’ve never told a single soul. And I’m going to destroy you and everyone in your life.”

With years of police experience, homicide Detective Amanda Nettles is no stranger to the danger and risk associated with donning her badge and weapon. She’s built her career on it. Saved lives. One strange call from a faceless madman won’t scare her off.

When an explosion rocks downtown Charlotte—with Amanda in the blast zone, she knows this is the work of her stalker. But who? Why? Injured and struggling to gather clues on the perpetrator, she discovers they eerily and indisputably lead directly to her. With no one to trust, she’ll have to risk involving the one G-man who’s as by-the-book as they come and hope that their camaraderie will hold long enough for her to prove her innocence.

FBI Agent Baker Jackson Robinson’s life has never been a cakewalk. Prior to his sister’s comatose state, he jumped right into the chaos and danger if it meant saving a life. Now that he’s raising a pre-teen relying on him alone, he needs to skirt around danger at all costs.

With the city in a state of emergency, Robinson must decipher the information incriminating the suddenly elusive detective. Something is seriously wrong because the woman he knows would never lay waste to her hometown—with herself in the center. Would face pure evil head-on for answers. Would never hide out.

With each new event and the FBI Director breathing down his back, Robinson must make an agonizing choice. Trust the facts or his gut. Wrap this case up, turning in his friend and colleague as the criminal the evidence presents or find a way to disconnect and rush into the danger to find the truth and end this deadly mystery.

Because the game this guy is playing isn’t only about Amanda. Countless innocent lives are in his crosshairs. And the clock is ticking down. Disconnect Excerpt

Copy of Copy of AFTERMATH (4)


In a moment everything can change…

Teenage girls are going missing in broad daylight. No witnesses. No struggle. Having been tipped off from the last person anyone should trust—a prison inmate who wreaked havoc in Charlotte—FBI Agent Baker Jackson Robinson knows following this clue is beyond risky. Convincing Detective Amanda Nettles to put her life and career on the line when both could be destroyed is even riskier. But what choice does he have?

With a new string of crime on the horizon, Detective Amanda Nettles is excessively busy. No time to think about an unfinished wedding to her favorite FBI agent. The almost family that wasn’t. Nor the thorough Internal Affairs investigation that left her—and her coworkers—questioning everything inside the precinct. Instead, she throws herself into working hard and toeing the line, hoping her talent and work ethic might restore her once-good name.

When a fellow cop is brutally attacked and left for dead, the journal of a young girl is the only thing linking his whereabouts to their current case. This teen’s diary could be the missing puzzle piece they need for a breakthrough. Or it could lead them on a wild goose chase sending them down a narrow rabbit hole.
Amanda’s at a crossroads. With the pages of the missing teen’s diary eerily like another woman’s, she’ll have to decide if coming face-to-face with unspeakable evil will yield lifesaving answers or eradicate what remains of the already shaky foundation of her life. One critical decision will determine the aftermath of countless lives.

Copy of OBSESSION (1)


A sudden surge in crime has left two homeless women dead. And Detective Amanda Nettles’ Alzheimer’s-riddled mother as the prime suspect. Between raising a teenager determined to thwart every protective effort made, and a city hell-bent on shunning her new family based on preconceived ideas about the past, and fear about what the future might hold, she’ll have to decide if her obsession with protecting Charlotte is bigger than the needs of her family. Or if they are one and the same.

And if breaking the rules means the end. Of everything, as she knows it.

Baker Jackson Robinson knows all about protecting the seemingly innocent. Except this time he’s able to see the big picture a little clearer and the facts aren’t adding up. With his wife playing a dangerous game of hide-and-seek with a remorseless serial killer, he doesn’t intend to let her fight alone.

 No matter what anyone else says.



If seeing is believing, then forget what you know…

Prison Chaplain Dexter Knight is determined to move past one horror-filled December day—in fact, he has. He’s even forgiven the woman responsible for his near-death.

Now if only he could shake the empty void in a place he knows was not always that way. If he could remember a woman well beyond her importance in his life, beyond the figment of his imagination his family assumes he created post-trauma, and the fragmented dreams he swears are real.

Internal Affairs Agent Charleen Davis wants nothing more than to fade back into her behind-the-scenes life. A string of undercover ops have left her with an entourage of concerned and overly involved friends, a sudden vested interest in Knight’s Rescue Mission, and a therapist salivating over the thought of ending life as Charleen knows it.
But the information is already in the wrong hands and silencing Charleen is the beginning to an absolute end, where taking down innocent people is a foregone conclusion.

Hiding out is no longer an option. If Charleen hopes to beat this phantom, she’ll need the one man who might dislike her more than the woman who nearly took his life. Because he—and his mysteriously absent wife—might be the only thing standing between her and death.

Between her and those dreams that aren’t what they seem, because they aren’t dreams at all.

Some secrets must be guarded. Some heroes aren’t born.

They’re revived.



USAF Pilot Elliot Knight’s days of jumping without a safety net are firmly in the past. There’s nothing and no one that would ever convince him to dust off his time travel gear and take the ultimate leap.

That was before Samantha Billings showed up on his radar with her foundation built on saving lives. Before her sister showed up on his couch half-dead.

Hope Alive Operative Samantha Billings’ life has been limited by a past she can’t change and an ex-husband who won’t let her go. An ex-husband who is convinced her sister is responsible for a recent attempt on Sam’s life.

As a former Foreign Correspondent, Haley Billings has been around the globe sharing stories of both extreme heroism and violent tragedy, including that of her own dark hour. The one that sent her into the clutches of severe alcoholism interrupted only by implicating memories and a host of secrets she can never share. Not even with her sister, Sam—the only person who hasn’t given up on her.

Captain Simon Riley would love nothing better than to put Haley Billings behind bars where she can’t hurt anyone ever again with her exaggerated articles. Where her stories are only just that. But he’s already been down this road. One that resulted in two unnecessary deaths. A preventable suicide. A missing girl.

When a woman who was brutally murdered six months earlier reappears, Haley knows her secrets can’t be hidden any longer—even the ones lost in the abyss of her mind. And Simon knows none of them are safe. Because whatever Haley has done—or not done—is coming for her. Coming for Sam. Coming for Elliot.

Enticing them across the threshold. Right into the hands of danger.







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