Welcome to my website. I’m so glad you decided to take time out of your busy day to visit. I’ve got the perfect amount of murder and mayhem with twists you won’t forget. And romance that will leave you wanting more. Grab your book, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride! Irresistible fiction and characters with kick straight ahead.

It all started with a little romance…

Two doctors–one a plastic surgeon, the other a Cardiologist–on a mission trip in the Dominican Republic. You guessed it. After a bunch of mayhem (no murder that time) they fell in love.

Enter their daughter, McKenna Moore. My heroine in LINKED is a culmination of tomboy attitude with girly wiles, but her hero, Jordan Bening has her matched. He’s made enemies. She’s caught in the cross-hairs. Read an excerpt.

Don’t miss McKenna’s best friend, Amanda Nettles in my second novel, DISCONNECT. You think you have problems? When you have a madman destroying buildings and lives in your home city–in your name, come talk to this lady. Add a proposing boyfriend and a handsome FBI agent that seems to know how to push… All. The. Right. Buttons. Read an excerpt.

Then there’s AFTERMATH,. The bad guy might be behind bars, but that doesn’t mean the ripple effect isn’t still impacting the lives of those closest to the encounter. Sink or swim? When innocent girls dangle above the jagged rocks of peril, there’s only one choice that makes sense for Amanda. Even if it means losing everything. Read an excerpt.

OBSESSION is my newest release (currently part of the Smoke and Mirrors Collection) and is the follow-up novella to The Bening Files series. Will Amanda’s obsession with her hometown’s safety be the end of everything as she knows it?

Don’t worry. The fun (read murder, mayhem, suspense, and mystery) doesn’t end here. There’s more. Jordan, McKenna, Amanda and Robinson guarantee it.

Check back for more character sketches, excerpts and deleted scenes.

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Mixing murder, mayhem and romance that's sure to keep you coming back.